Shawn Holt

Prior to joining Backoffice Thinking in 2015, Shawn had a 20-year track record in strategy, marketing and technology as a product owner and solution consultant in dozens of startups, non-profits and F500 companies in the US and abroad.

Since graduating from Columbia Business School with a degree in Marketing and Technology, Shawn held product, technology and marketing positions at media and technology companies including Reed Elsevier, Oddcast, Mimeo and Yahoo.

He’s accumulated 8 years of consulting experience both independentally and at Booz Allen and Hamilton.  He worked with corporate clients such as  Air Products, Universal Studios, Viacom, Heinz, Pfizer, HP as well as smaller clients needing web, marketing and strategy solutions.  

Shawn has a top-down view of client solutions with a passion for understanding business processes that can be implemented in engaging users experiences, tracked and managed through CRMs and efficiently automated through workflows.  He is also very hands-on, building and maintaining many Drupal, CiviCRM and Salesforce solutions.  He has been a part of the Drupal and CiviCRM community since 2007 and worked on Salesforce projects since 2005.

As a board member and volunteer in many non-profit organizations Shawn has gradually focused more on non-profit clients; balancing their needs for professional, corporate-style metrics and outcomes with the reality of their constraints and broad base of stakeholders and constituents.



Technologies for Nonprofits