Enabling Your Moves Management Process in the NPSP

Moves Management refers to the process by which a prospective donor is moved from cultivation to solicitation. “Moves” are the actions an organization takes to bring in donors, establish relationships, and increase engagement and contributions. (Wikipedia)

Moves management is the foundation of a successful fundraising environment. 

There are several key steps in the moves management process:

  1. Identify - identify the potential giving sources
  2. Qualify - qualify them based on a series of ranking criteria
  3. Cultivate - cultivate to prepare for the ask
  4. Solicit - make the ask
  5. Steward - continue stewardship to drive to the next giving level

Moves Management Process


The focus for major gift officers should be on building constituent relationships with a clear cultivation plan. A fundraising system should support this process by using  automation techniques to allow the major gift officers to focus on what is important.

Some key automation area opportunities include:

  • Indicators - indicators used to determine potential
    • Wealth data
    • Marketing automation scoring
    • Donation history
    • Engagement with organization (event attendance, volunteerism, etc.)
  • Engagement Score - assessing the indicators and assigning a scope based upon potential
  • Levels - levels or categories of engagement based on the engagement score
  • Cultivation Plan - activities that move that donor towards the next engagement level
  • Reporting/Analysis - meaningful information to analyze effectiveness of moves management process.

The Nonprofit Success Pack by Salesforce® offers some key features to help with your automation process:

  • Engagement Levels
  • Engagement Plans
  • Reports and Dashboards

In this video, we’ll step through how these features can work together in the Nonprofit Success Pack:

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