Ideas that Can Pay Dividends During Covid-19 Times

There are a lot of unknowns about Covid19. The one thing that we all know though is the widespread effect that it is having on absolutely every person and every organization around the world.  In light of this, we came up with a list of ideas and tools for you to implement that can pay dividends once the economy re-opens.


Some of them are:

  • If you haven’t engaged local businesses, now is the time to partner with them and get them involved in your marketing.  Working together during these trying times can foster a sense of community and build a solid foundation in a relationship that can last a lifetime.
  • Use gamification.  Simple games and contests can increase your constituents’ engagement and build loyalty in your organization.  Some ideas might include photo/video submissions (“since you can’t visit our garden, show us yours in a photo or video”) or contests encouraging users to get their friends to like you on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  
  • Encourage your users to fundraise for you on Facebook or similar social media platforms; no matter how small the gifts, when put together they can really make a difference right now (and you might gain new followers/constituents).
  • Livestream events instead of cancelling them.  Remind your constituents that you are still working towards your mission.
  • Move as many of your events as you can virtually.  Some events can be done over zoom, however, there are better tools for committee work and/or workshops, for example.
  • For conferences, at least those with sponsors/exhibitors, you will need a better tool than Webex/Zoom.  Sponsors and exhibitors have expressed disappointment with certain nonprofits for using tools for their conferences that minimize their potential interaction with customers; they would have much preferred that their money was returned and will likely not be sponsoring those events again.  Please make sure that you do not make the same mistake as you might never recover these sponsors and/or exhibitors.
  • Virtual events will become the new “normal.”  Use this time to think about how to engage more people by organizing virtual events and thus increase your reach and engagement levels.
  • Avoid Zoom bombs and all online video unwanted intrusions:
    • Consider using the waiting list features to prevent random people from joining.
    • Consider a password, but if people are passing around meeting invites, this may not be helpful.
    • Avoid putting your meetings links/access info on public websites.
  • Run an email campaign and inform all your constituents about the $300 above-the-line CARES act nonprofit donation deduction.  In a nutshell, any donor can claim a max of $300 above the line deduction.  This is only for non-itemized givers and it applies only to cash gifts.  

If you would like to have learn more about any of the above ideas, please reach out to

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