More effective reporting enables better decision making

As the warm weather teases us and spring quickly approaches, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of your key performance indicators (KPIs).  Do you have your goals and objectives for 2017?  Do you know what changes you need to make to last year’s fundraising strategy?  Do you know which campaigns exceeded your expectations and which ones need a few changes because the results were not as you had expected?  
As you know, understanding your key metrics is imperative for any nonprofit.  Your time is precious and you have limited resources, so understanding your metrics allows you to determine where to focus your attention. 
We were fortunate to work with over 100 nonprofit and associations in 2016.  We see a clear correlation between setting goals, measuring against those goals, and becoming more effective. 
Three good reports all nonprofits should be reviewing are:
How many first time givers did you have in 2016?  Did you know that the typical nonprofit loses over 70% of their givers in the first year?  If you get a second gift though, your chances of a third go up dramatically.
How many lapsing donors do you have?  An at-risk donor typically hasn’t given in 12-15 months and after two years they’re gone. The longer a donor goes without a gift the harder it will be to recover them.  
What events in 2016 produced the most donors?  It’s important to follow up after events, people are more likely to give after attending.  If you are not targeting these people you’re leaving $$ on the table.
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