New Salesforce Feature: Gift Entry Template

Salesforce has announced new features being released with the latest update, some of which may be relevant to your organization.
For example, the new Gift Entry Template provides productivity improvements in entering donations, as it can be used for importing both batches and entering individual donations that need to be matched against existing donors and pledges. For other organizations, using the new Giving Pages and Payment Services products could save time and money if your current donation platform does not integrate easily with Salesforce. Click here for more information on the Gift Entry feature.
If you are already using Gift Entry or the older Batch Gift entry, please be aware of an upcoming change scheduled for the 6/2/20 NPSP Release: in order to use Gift Entry or Batch Gift Entry, you need to grant READ permission for the Payment Status field to all gift entry users.  The Payment Status (npsp_Payment_Status_c) field on the NPSP Data Import object, is a new field that will be deployed to sandboxes on 5/27/20 and production on 6/2/20.
The error you'll receive if you DON'T grant access is: "You don't have the required field permissions. Contact your system administrator to inquire about getting the necessary permissions. [Payment Status]"
Please email your support email address should you have any questions or assistance with this.

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