Fundraising to Fight Malaria in Africa

United Methodist Communications

Using CiviCRM to manage a global complex fundraising initiative

United Methodist Communications (UMCOM), along with its partners, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is leading a global initiative to rid the world of Malaria through its Imagine No Malaria initiative.  UMCOM needed a high-end donor and constituent management system that would allow them to manage this large and important global initiative. Its current large commercial system could not do what UMCOM needed.

UMCOM came to us to help them decide if CiviCRM could meet their long-term donation needs and determine if we could complete this very complex implementation/integration project in a very short turnaround period.

After a thorough industry review, UMCOM chose CiviCRM because of its functionality, ease of use, and flexibility.  We quickly dove into this important global initiative and worked closely with UMCOM's technical, finance, and business teams to define the requirements and design the solution.

On the surface, the solution looks simple because it only involves fundraising. However, besides a rich and mobile ready donation page, there are a lot of complex needs behind the scenes, including the capacity to:

  • take online recurring ACH payments.  An integrated payment processor with Vanco Services was developed to enable this functionality.
  • allow donors to indicate which church they belonged to, which involved significant integration with UMCOMs existing applications.
  • create a high-speed backend data entry process for pledges and donations.
  • have advanced and flexible reporting features.
  • provide flexible receipting based on the particular donor.
  • accommodate an advanced thank you letter process. 

This project was implemented in 2011 and has undergone several transformations as CiviCRM’s capability has increased.  The project remains one of the largest online fundraising campaigns ever run through CiviCRM and it continues to be a major part of this multi award winning program.



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