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Let's take a look at the health of your website.

Before jumping into a proactive support plan, you need to know the current health of your website. If you website is experiencing issues or has years of troublesome configuration issues, those issues need to be reviewed. For a one-time fee, BackOffice will analyze your site and develop a checklist of items that need to be improved.


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What do you get with a Website Health Check Review?

Drupal or WordPress Configuration Review

Do you have a Drupal or WordPress website? This health check review is for you! Our exhaustive list of critical configuration check points look for the most common pitfalls that hold you back from having a secure and "healthy" website.

Website Design & Theme Review

Is your website a beauty to behold or does it have some rough edges? Does anything load or display awkwardly in your browser or mobile devices? Show us your most important pages and we will review their effectiveness.

Error Report

Errors happen to the best of websites. As technology and standards change, it's important to continuously check your website for new errors. Let's take a look at where your website stands today so that we can proactively prepare for tomorrow.

High level hosting server Review

Is your website running slow or have you experienced annoying server issues in the past? Tell us about those issues and we will run a brief check of your current hosting server situation. Speed and performance shouldn't hold you back from loving your website.

Analysis & Next Steps

The good, the bad, and the ugly. We lay it all out in an effort to improve your organization's website efforts. If we found issues, we will provide details around what it takes to resolve those issues and move ahead gracefully.

One-Hour Review Meeting

We're sure you're as excited as we are about using website jargon, but if not, we always have a review meeting over the phone to explain everything you need to know. We're here as your partner and nonprofit technology resource.

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