Brent Delperdang

As Senior Designer at BackOffice Thinking, Brent’s creative thinking guides our nonprofit clients towards effective user interface solutions.

He is a person who truly captures the definition of "Graphic Designer” across a wide range of mediums. Having started his career in print design and prepress, his traditional design principles carry unique insight into the digital nonprofit world. His passion for delivering high quality design and coding to our clients are what define his role at BackOffice. As both web designer and front-end coder, he provides valuable insight to the projects he manages. His technical experience with content management systems, like Drupal and WordPress, allows him to effectively execute projects in unity with our development team.

Brent received a Bachelor of Science in Technology from Pittsburg State University of Pittsburg, Kansas in 2006. His studies were focused in commercial graphics and creative artwork. Over the past 10 years he has become a designer balanced in both graphic design and website coding.

“I love discovering new designs and interesting typography. I can be mesmerized by product designs down an aisle at the grocery store or spend moments just watching nature. Everything inspires me.”

When he’s not designing, he’s spending time with his wife Erika and their seven children: Ella, Lilah, Charlie, Andrew, Lucy, Maggie, and Leo. They enjoy camping, painting, reading, Friday movie nights, and anything that gets them out of the house!

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