Kate Gipson

Kate joined BackOffice Thinking in April 2020 as a project manager for the website design projects, then quickly expanded into our proactive support and Salesforce projects. 

Prior to coming to BackOffice Thinking, Kate was a project manager at a large web hosting company, where she was responsible for handling website builder and server product launches. She gained experience in both agile and waterfall methodologies, and she was instrumental in process improvement, including implementing client feedback loop. While she enjoyed her corporate career, she always missed her first job at a nonprofit. Kate was thrilled to have found BackOffice Thinking, where she can use her technical expertise along with her passion for non-profit work. Kate started her education with the aspirations to be a graphic artist, but in the end chose computer science. That gives her a unique background in both design and tech, making her a great fit for the website design and integration projects.

Outside of her career life, Kate enjoys arts and nature. When she is not painting or drawing illustrations, she is outdoors. Most recently, she is teaching her toddler hiking and camping.




Technologies for Nonprofits