Lesley A. Carter

Before coming to work for us in the fall of 2012 Lesley spent the majority of her career working in the nonprofit community.  Lesley has been building and maintaining websites and backend systems for most of her career, with occasional interludes of waitressing in a small town in Tennessee, coordinating services for persons with HIV/AIDS in rural Alabama, overseeing an educational resource center in Maryland, and teaching piano in several states from Texas to Pennsylvania.  

Lesley serves as point person for our support and clients love her customer service.  She has excellent experience in site building, coding, and databases.  She also tends to work on our most complex data conversion and report generation projects because she loves doing complex SQL queries.  She is one of the few people ever seen knitting and writing SQL at the same time.  

Lesley has a BA in theology from the University of Dallas and a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University.  When not knitting and writing SQL, she can be found reading (nonfiction, history, literary fiction, and police procedurals) or practicing on one of the several musical instruments she is currently studying.

Her friend, Ermintrude (pictured), has graciously allowed her picture to be used while Lesley is behind the curtain writing more SQL queries to a varied and eclectic soundtrack.

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