Lindsay Bakker

As a Salesforce Operations Director, based out of Denver, CO, Lindsay has over 5 years Salesforce experience, coming to BackOffice Thinking from the State of Colorado where she ran the enterprise Salesforce program.

During her time in the public sector, she worked closely with her team of developers and consulting partners to develop over 80 Salesforce applications, seeing firsthand the breadth of Salesforce and it’s almost unlimited potential for providing the technology behind some of the most critical state services. She also authored the state’s ‘Lightning First’ strategy to proactively begin migrating legacy Salesforce applications to the new Salesforce Lightning UI, as well as establishing Salesforce-related community outreach initiatives and a training management program to support Colorado’s public sector employees. 

Prior to her role as program manager, as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified Business Process Manager, Lindsay developed various standards, procedures, and process improvement initiatives throughout her organization. These initiatives resulted in the creation of Centers of Excellence, essential application management policies and procedures, and disaster recovery planning policies.

Drawn to service since she was a child, first volunteering at local organizations while in high school and later joining the military where she served in the Army for almost a decade, Lindsay is passionate about combining technology and process improvements that  enable organizations to run at the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Lindsay holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in International Relations and Affairs, concentration in Security Studies from St. Mary’s University and a B.S. in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. In her offtime she and her family enjoy exploring all that Colorado has to offer, whether it’s heading up to the mountains for a weekend of camping and hiking, or staying local and experiencing the city’s cultural scene, they love discovering new things in the state they call home.  

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