Rebecca Shevrin

Before joining Backoffice, Rebecca spent the early years of her career in the Advertising Specialties Industry focusing on website design, implementation and trend as well as digital marketing and content strategy.

As Visual & Interactive Designer she brings a diverse flavor of creativity from a less traditional background. She has a strong passion and interest for the growth and success for the clients of an organization. She is able to bring the client's wishes to life with adept skills in interpreting and understanding needs.

Her extensive and varied experience in all digital media forms, front-end development and brand consulting allows her to see the big picture behind projects ultimately driving it to success.

Rebecca received a Bachelor of Fine Art and minor in Advertising from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2007, and a Masters of Business Administration and Technology Management from University of Phoenix in 2016.

"Design and Technology go hand in hand, the world around us inspires creativity and provokes innovation. There is always something new to learn, a new avenue to explore and a new adventure for consumers and users to experience."

When she is not designing and learning a new technology or discovering the next change in marketing she enjoys traveling and attending live entertainment events...when either of those are not happening, she is all about 'netflixing and chilling' at home.

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