Have You Joined the Salesforce Community?

The Trailblazer Community is your digital homebase for all things Salesforce. It is where you can go to learn, either by completing Trailhead badges or by asking questions of your fellow Salesforce users. And now, the Trailblazer Community is home to the entire nonprofit Salesforce userbase as well! (The old "Power of Us Hub" has officially migrated into the larger platform as of November 2021.)

Wonder how other people are using Salesforce? How they've tackled similar problems to the ones you're facing? The Trailblazer Community is your place to ask these questions and connect with fellow Salesforce users.

We encourage you to take some time to join groups.  Follow topics that are of interest to you and your organization. To get started, navigate to the “Community” tab and click on “Groups” and “Topics”.

We recommend reviewing all Featured Groups and Featured Topics. Look for Salesforce Products your organization has purchased or is using, as well as ones that apply to your mission. We’ve included a list of helpful groups and topics at the end of this post.

Another group to search for is your local user group to connect with people in your own area. If available, join both the Nonprofit and the Admin groups. Some localities have a Women In Tech group that we also highly recommend to our clients.

Your final step is to ask your first question. Navigate to the relevant group or topic, and click “Ask a question…” at the top of the page.

For our Land Trust clients using LOCATE, you'll definitely want to join the LOCATE User Group to share ideas and get tips from other colleagues.

Here is a list of groups and topics our clients find most helpful:

Salesforce.org Customer Hub 
Salesforce.org Get Started Hub 
Nonprofit Hub 
Nonprofit Release Readiness 
Salesforce.org System Administrators 
Nonprofit and Education Mindshare  
App Advice

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