TIP: Check your Email Deliverability by using Mail-tester.com

One of the most fundamental goals when sending blast emails or newsletters is to make sure that it arrives at your constituents' inbox.  There's a lot of factors that are taken into consideration by different email services when trying to determine whether a message should be sent to your Spam / Junk folder or your Inbox.  Use Mail-tester.com, a free tool that increases the probability of your emails getting delivered to your constituents' inbox.

Once you're ready to send your message (designed your template, created compelling content, segmented your audience, etc.), open a new tab in your browser and type mail-tester.com and see where you're supposed to send your test email to in order to receive your spam score. Don't close this tab as you'll need it to check your spammyness score.

 Tip:  Check your email deliverability by using mail-tester.com

Once the test email is sent, click on the blue button:  Then Check Your Score.  This will return a score, anywhere between 0-10, and it will highlight areas that might create problems with your deliverability, such as broken links, whether your domain has been blacklisted, recommendations from the famous filter SpamAssassin, etc.  

This is a quick step to improve the probability of your emails being delivered.  However, even if your emails are receiving a high score in mail-tester.com, there's no guarantee that they will not end up in a spam folder.  If you continue to have email deliverability problems, please contact us with any questions.

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