Update a parent record from a child record in Salesforce

The best thing about Salesforce is that you don’t need to think like a database to use the database. Consider when you need to update a business’s main phone number and change someone’s new title since they got a promotion. Your real goal is to send an email to that person congratulating them on their new role, but do you really want to remember to go to two separate pages to make that update?

With the Salesforce Lightning pages, you can empower your users to make updates to that business and that person from the same page. First it's important to understand the database first. In our example, the business is stored in Salesforce as an Account record and the person is stored as a Contact record. In a spreadsheet it may make sense to keep these all in one line,since in most cases a business might only have one contact. In Salesforce we treat business and people as two different entities. The reason for this is one business might have one, two, or many more more people!

The downside to this flexibility is having multiple places to edit to update to keep your data clean. This week we will show you how to configure Salesforce so you only keep your data up to date by minimizing the pages your users will need to visit.

Steps For Success

In just a few steps, you will be able to do that right from the Contact record.

  1. First let’s add an Action to the Account object
    Click the New Action button:
  2. Add the fields your users want to update on the record
  3. Navigate to the lightning page layout editor
  4. Edit the Contact Lightening Page layout and add a new Component

  5. Select the component and change the values under Lookup Field and Update Action: Lookup Field > Account Name
    Update Action > Update from Contact
  6. Assign page layouts

Open up a contact record in your application, and you should now see your new Component!

Credits: https://www.simplysfdc.com/2018/03/salesforce-update-parent-record-with.html

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