2017 Annual Meeting Registration Portal

A streamlined, effective, and user-friendly registration portal for annual meetings.

When the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) came to BackOffice Thinking for help, they had definite challenges that needed to be solved. ASCRS is a valuable resource for patients, physicians, and healthcare affiliates, and provides educational resources and the latest industry information, but registration for their annual meetings wasn’t getting the desired results.  

Their events and registration portals were cluttered and difficult to use. It was decidedly not mobile-friendly, and did not inspire confidence that registration was going to be uncomplicated. As a result, attendees had a laborious time registering for annual meetings and seminars, and were quite frustrated.

We ensured the ASCRS members have the utmost confidence when registering for events. Incorporating the latest technology for easy registration promises confidence with a simple and effective system, now and for future meeting registrations.

Key Resolution Factors:

We began with the most obvious solution - have a portal that autofills when repeat clients return for the annual meetings. Having fields that populate when the user signs into a meeting eliminates the need to retype banal information (name, title, address, place of business, etc). However, if this information has changed, it’s super-easy to update it.

The event process became even smoother once we integrated ASCRS’s iMIS registration system with the Drupal CMS. This strategy elevated the usability of a complex system, making it much easier for members to register.

The final step developed for ASCRS was uncomplicated and brilliant. As time flies by, we are using computers less and less, but relying more on our devices for work and news - tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Recognizing this need and matching it was what made this process easier: we ensured each field collapsed after it was auto-filled or manually filled in.

This created a smoother login and registration when the field spaces were not overpowering the page. Attendees could take the whole screen in at a glance, fill out the appropriate spaces, and move quickly to the next field.

As a result, ASCRS members had confidence that registration for annual meetings was streamlined, effective, and user friendly.




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