Dynamic Member Community With NeonCRM integration

Redesigned website integrated with NeonCRM provides Cakeheads with a rich member community and resource center

Cakeheads.com is a member-based online community of extreme cake decorators led by a self-described “cake decorating junkie,” Shawna McGreevy.

We were asked to redesign their website and create a better online member experience, as well as implement and integrate NeonCRM.

They were using WordPress for their Content Management System (CMS) and the WooCommerce plugin to sell memberships and control access to content on the site. The site was not providing members with a high-end experience and without a true CRM, the administrative burden was becoming too much.

Through a discovery project where we assessed their current technology and design, we identified many areas that could be improved to provide a better member experience and expand their membership. Here are a few:

  • Cluttered and disorganized user experience
  • Lack of focus and clarity around primary call-to-actions
  • Complex menus and navigation
  • Confusing member portal
  • Trouble logging in once member content was found
  • Separate blog website
  • Lack of relationship and membership management tools
  • No tracking or measurement capabilities

Once we had an assessment of their current system and requirements we were able to spell out a high-level approach to a solution.

  • Join - Present clear and compelling reasons to become a member with an easy join process
  • Cake Project Center - Provide a single central place where users can discover cake projects, recipes, and stories from the blog in a user friendly interface
  • Tutorial Page Design - Develop easy to use Cake Tutorial pages with focus on videos
  • NeonCRM - Migrate to an inexpensive yet powerful CRM with relationship and member management.
  • Menu - Simplify navigation and menu
  • Measure Traffic - Track and collect website traffic analytics
  • Member Login - Improve member content access login flow
  • Member Dashboard - Provide a central place for users to manage their member accounts
  • Single Website - Combine two websites into a seamless interface for presenting and displaying Cakehead tutorials and resources that consist of both free and membership-based content.
  • Drupal 8 CMS - Migrate to a more secure, robust, and extendable Content Management System




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