LOCATE: A Salesforce Application for Tracking

Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts

A private Salesforce application built for land conservation organizations to track almost all of their operations in one mobile-ready application.

LOCATE is a Private Salesforce Application created by BackOffice Thinking for the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts (CCLT) for public and private land trusts and other conservation organizations across the US.  With LOCATE land trusts can track almost all of their operations in one mobile ready application.  Since LOCATE is built on Salesforce, land trusts can also take advantage of all that Salesforce has to offer as well.  Since its introduction LOCATE is being utilized by over 30 land trusts across the US.
A bit more detail….
Background: CCLT set out to design and make available customized technology tools to aid the effectiveness and efficiency of land conservation organizations.  CCLT wanted an affordable, up-to-date platform that it could make available to all Land Trusts so the Land Trusts could track almost all operations in a single piece of software.  Most of the Land Trusts have islands of data stored in many Excel spreadsheets and Access databases that do not talk to one another.  This reduces their ability to get a 360° view of their constituents and makes coordinated communication and efforts nearly impossible.  The key was to develop a product that would comprise the majority of the features and functions required by most Land Trusts and government organizations.
Approach: BackOffice Thinking worked with CCLT to create a pilot program comprised of a group of Land Trusts as well as a government organization.  BackOffice Thinking guided this group of participants to help formulate a set of common requirements that could be used across all Land Trusts.  From this, the LOCATE product was born.  LOCATE was then developed and tested by the pilot participants prior to releasing it to the greater community. 
Solution: BackOffice Thinking helped CCLT and the Land Trusts fulfill their vision of having a common application that could be used by Land Trusts to operate more uniformly and efficiently while leveraging each other for support.  LOCATE is built on the Salesforce platform and offers robust data tracking for the project acquisition management and long-term stewardship needs of the land conservation community. The Salesforce platform complements LOCATE by offering donor, grant, and event management that the majority of conservation organizations need.  This powerful tool integrates data that typically resides in multiple Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Access databases, allowing organizations to become more effective and efficient in their work while meeting the rising standards of the land conservation community and gives organizations a way to track institutional memory at local and regional organizations.  The total solution now gives the Land Trusts the 360° view that was missing before.



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