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Comfort Zone Camp

A new Comfort Zone Camp portal for guardians and volunteers.

You may have heard about Comfort Zone Camp on the Today Show or other various news sources. If you haven’t, Comfort Zone Camp is a bereavement camp for kids who have experienced the death of a loved one, parent, sibling, or primary caregiver. Comfort Zone had been struggling with an ineffective portal for several years.

Comfort Zone had a portal for their campers and volunteers, but it was not well integrated with CiviCRM and it was confusing and difficult to use. The portal also took a lot of effort from staff to maintain and gather the information needed to ensure a successful camp for these deserving youth. It seemed each year the portal was becoming more of a barrier to success than an asset.

BackOffice was called in to help Comfort Zone completely redo their portal and create a tight CiviCRM/Drupal integration.

Developing sophisticated portals, integrating websites, and implementing backend databases that are super easy to use and manage is one of our specialties. So this project was a great fit. We first met with Comfort Zone's leadership to define the project's goals and key features. We quickly discovered that if we tweaked their business processes, we could significantly reduce the complexity for the users and staff. Comfort Zone recognized how these changes would be a big advantage and agreed to move forward with our plan.  

The BackOffice and Comfort Zone project teams developed detailed specifications and designs to ensure the portal was super easy and effective. Next, using an agile development process, we completed the implementation on time and on budget. This project was truly a great partnership!    

We also can't understate the importance of choosing the right CRM.  In this case CiviCRM was clearly the best choice because of its flexible data model and tight Drupal integration.  We work with many other CRMs and we would not have been able to develop this solution as effectively with any other CRM.

Looking back, The Comfort Zone portal was a huge success, as Comfort Zone has been able to significantly reduce their administration, camper support, and volunteer support time which has led to significant savings.  Their campers and volunteers have also reported that they love the new portal. Initially, some of their experienced campers and volunteers were calling Comfort Zone support thinking that they must have missed something since the process was so much easier than before -- that's a support call any organization appreciates!

This new portal allows volunteers and guardians to manage their profile within Comfort Zone Camp. It also allows members to apply for camps online, volunteer for upcoming camps, view photos from past camps, and more.

The primary features of the portal include a signup and login screen, member welcome screen, ability to add and edit campers, ability to volunteer for upcoming camps, and ability to make donations in memory or in honor of a loved one.




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