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How long has it been since your Salesforce CRM or Drupal website has been reviewed?

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Best Practice Review of Salesforce Environment

BackOffice conducted a Technical Best Practice Review of EMIA's Salesforce and 3rd party tools in order to evaluate their environment and overall configuration health. Our review uncovered answers to questions such as:
  • Has the system been professionally configured, and does it conform to generally acceptable implementation best practices?
  • Are there issues which need to be urgently addressed?
  • Are there pending critical updates to be applied?
  • If not on Lightning, how easily can the system migrate to the new Lightning platform?
  • Are customizations and packages outdated or potentially dangerous?
As part of our best practive review we analyzed and summarized the following Salesforce checks:
  • NPSP health check
  • Salesforce Optimizer
  • Critical update review
  • Lightning Readiness
  • Error log review
  • Apex test class coverage
  • The outcome will include a summary report and a 1-hour review meeting.
  • This is a review and to keep costs down, we are not including any time to fix or update issues that may arise from this review. 

Best Practice and Secrity Review of Drupal Environment

The goals of this work were to:
  • Quickly assess their site to ensure it’s configured according to BackOffice Thinking’s best practices.
  • Develop a path forward to solve any pressing problems through support.
  • Prepare their internal team for proactive and on-demand support.
The Drupal review included:
  • System architecture
  • Server configuration(s)
  • Application stack configuration
  • Drupal configuration
  • Custom Drupal modules
  • Custom modules and/or other customizations
  • Internal interfaces and integrations
  • A recommendations/findings meeting with our CTO or Director of Technology.




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