Implementing Rallybound, Integrating CiviCRM

Rallybound with CiviCRM provides IDF with a powerful and easy to use peer-to-peer fundraising system for years to come.

After an in-depth assessment and software selection process led by the Immune Deficiency Foundation’s (IDF) Director of Technology Kim Biscoe and BackOffice’s CTO Dave Schafer, IDF chose Rallybound as their peer-to-peer platform.   BackOffice has worked with Rallybound in the past, but only on the Salesforce platform; however, we knew the Rallybound team would ensure the success of the project and integration.

Why Rallybound:

  • Intuitive for team leads and donors
  • Seamless Facebook integration (create an event in Rallybound, publish in Facebook)
  • Easy and powerful for our designers
  • Strong integration (APIs) 
  • Rallybound has an experienced team who are easy to work with

Individual and team fundraisers are the heart and soul of nonprofit peer to peer fundraising. It’s essential to give them an online experience that they can not only access anywhere, at anytime, but also is a joy to use. Joe Magee, General Manager of Rallybound


  • Creating the first robust CiviCRM integration
    • Determining if CiviCRM contact/organization exists; creating a new record if appropriate
    • Creating a donation record and appropriate soft donation
    • Updating addresses and other key information if appropriate
    • Finding matching event, registering participants, and adding an activity record 
    • Creating robust error handling - over 15 handling processes were created
  • Creating Rallybound account using CiviCRM data
  • Ensuring seamless integration 

Key Successes:

  • Fully integrated easy to use peer-to-peer platform for end users, IDF staff, and CiviCRM admins.
  • Enabling IDF end users to create events in Rallybound that are displayed through their Facebook.
  • The project was completed on time and on budget with only minor scope changes.
  • Long term cost saving that IDF can use to fund their programs.
  • A powerful model for future integrations.

About IDF:  The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), founded in 1980, is the national nonprofit patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of persons with PI through advocacy, education, and research. There are approximately 250,000 people who are diagnosed with PI in the U.S., and thousands more go undetected.

“We have worked with BackOffice for several years, and they always deliver. We couldn’t have picked a better partner. Rallybound has been a vast improvement over our previous peer-to-peer tool, and we feel this project was a great success.” John Boyle, President and CEO, Immune Deficiency Foundation

“IDF has been involved in the CiviCRM community for many years and it's amazing what CiviCRM has been able to accomplish. I am proud that we were the first Rallybound CiviCRM integration, and we’re happy to help move it forward.” Kim Biscoe, Director of Technology, Immune Deficiency Foundation

“Led by visionary John Boyle, IDF is an exceptionally innovative organization. We’ve partnered with IDF for the past several years and helped them tackle several big challenges that have created tremendous value for their constituents.  I am so proud to be working with John and the IDF team - Dave and I started BackOffice Thinking to enable organizations like IDF to make a difference in the world!”  Paul Keogan, CEO, BackOffice Thinking




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