Drupal 8 Website with NeonCRM and Comprehensive Search

This new website, with integrated events and classes through NeonCRM, has an engaging user experience with intuitive searching, shopping, and registration that allows Montclair Art Museum to better serve and grow their community.

Montclair Art Museum (MAM) is a modern and contemporary art museum that plays an important cultural role in the Montclair, NJ, community by offering classes and learning experiences for all age groups, providing volunteer opportunities, and hosting cultural events.

We partnered with MAM to redesign their website and make it more engaging and easier for users to explore, register, and shop. 

As we often see with nonprofits, MAM had several technologies that had been customized and were not integrated well.  Through our assessment, we were able to identify pain points that were limiting user behavior and causing staff frustration.

A few areas that we identified as problems:

  • Outdated design - A poor first impression can prevent a user from exploring.
  • Complex menus and navigation -  Instead of simple and clear user journeys that direct people based on their interests, MAM required a user to maneuver through various navigation options.
  • Confusing user experience for class registration, donation, and membership -  After an effort to find the forms, the forms were not simple and clear which led to a high abandonment rate.
  • Unfriendly member portal - It was hard for members to engage, find value, and explore.
  • Lack of search and filter capabilities - with Amazon and Google, search expectations have increased significantly; users will not use a poor search tool anymore.

After assessing the current system and discovering key requirements, we were able to define and approach and implement a new solution with Drupal 8 and NeonCRM.

Solution highlights:

  • Completely new website design built on Drupal 8.

    Through design discovery, we researched how other modern and contemporary art museums combined the public-facing museum with the community-oriented class and program structure. We wanted to deliver an updated design and seamless user experience with characteristics that make MAM unique. Ultimately we incorporated clean lines with pops of color to allow the museum art to shine and be ever-present as you move through the website.
  • Migration of class and workshop event data and registration from ActiveNetwork to NeonCRM to allow a much cleaner user experience.  Also, by eliminating a system, the administrative burden was decreased.
  • New robust searchable and filterable event, class, & workshop calendar listing making it easy for users to explore, find something of interest, and register.

  • Dynamic open/closed and visiting hours indicator with special exception feature for holidays. Small touches like this add a lot of value to users.
  • Landing page and component system that gives the content administrators easy edit and layout control over special landing pages like the give page and any page they want to create themselves.
  • Redesigned and architected the Neon member dashboard to be more inviting and usable. One of the reasons we like NeonCRM is its highly extensible portal/dashboard.




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