High Level Engagement Website

Ransomed Heart Ministries

The power and flexible of Drupal are on full display in the Ransomed Heart website.

It doesn't take a long conversation to realize that Ransomed Heart Ministries is special.  Ransomed Heart is a highly impactful Christian ministry organization with top notch people who know what they need to achieve their goals.

We had already been working with Ransomed Heart for several years when we were given the opportunity to help them redesign and implement a new website.  The new website needed to be bold, with a sophisticated portal giving access to various constituent levels in a way that maximizes engagement, and with sophisticated communications capabilities and integration.

A few highlights of this website include:

  • A bold design that captures the Ransomed Heart spirit.
  • Seamless integration, including a single sign-on between the website (Drupal), the CRM (CiviCRM), and the web store (Magento).
  • A sophisticated yet simple to use portal that includes integration with the CRM and the web store for all users.
  • Deeper portal functionality for those highly engaged through their Allies and Tribe.
  • Ability to subscribe to a variety of Ransomed Heart communications including individual blogs.
  • Ransomed Heart TV.  
  • Integration with the RH App (BackOffice also built this platform app).
  • Advanced social networking capability.
  • Email integration, including automatically sending emails to subscribers when certain content is published.  These emails also add content encouraging additional engagement.
  • An Allies search, which allows web users to find Allies based on several criteria, including advanced location detection and the ability to rate listed Allies.
  • An integration with Chargify for Tribe membership; Chargify is a leading online subscription and recurring billing system.



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