Movie Website with Fathom Events Theater Locator

Ransomed Heart Ministries

The website for "A Story Worth Living" was built to communicate a dramatic film trailer and allow users to find a theater close to them.

A Story Worth Living is an independent film created by the teams at AndSons and Ransomed Heart Ministries. They are a father, sons, and friends team who filmed their adventure bike experience in the backcountry of Colorado.

This website was intended to communicate their upcoming movie release, which will be shown in select theaters across the U.S. Key features of the website that were vital to their success included an enticing background video on the homepage that leads the user to open and play the movie trailer, a theater finder feed from Fathom Events, information about the film, photos and more.

The homepage background video is an html5 video hosted through Vimeo. This helps reduce load on the server and allows quick streaming to your desktop computer.

The theater page features a theater finder directly fed from Fathom Events' API. Within the search field we have also integrated Google’s autocomplete to help users find and search by any location with faster efficiency.

When you visit the photos page you will experience a very pleasing grid of images embedded directly from Flickr. This embed comes packed with friendly user features such as enlarged popups and social sharing.

We're sure you’ll enjoy the website as much as the film.



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