Stunning Website That Promotes Members

Sustainable Furnishings Council

A smart example of how CiviCRM and Drupal are the best tools for creating visually stunning and engaging websites.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council is an educational and marketing organization, promoting healthy environments inside and outside.  The council promotes sustainable practices among furniture manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. 
As we're seeing with many of our member-driven clients, the Sustainable Furnishings Council wanted to create a visually stunning, mobile friendly website emphasizing member promotion as a way to add exposure and value to their members.    Member promotion drives value because the organization's website often has relatively high traffic compared to an individual member website and thus acts as an important referral source.  To do this effectively,  choosing the right combination of website tool (CMS) and backend database (CMS/AMS) is essential.  Almost always, the CiviCRM/Drupal combination is an excellent toolset choice because of their powerful integration.  
CiviCRM has strong integration with WordPress and Joomla!, but the Drupal integration is particularly strong because of the deep integration with Drupal Views, webforms, roles, and permissions.  
For the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Views integration was extensively utilized.  All of the elements in the membership search, search results, and member detail pages including name, description, logo, are member level data stored in CiviCRM.    With all of the data stored only in CiviCRM, The Council's staff can utilize this data in CiviCRM to create groups, send mass emails, and manage their organization without having to worry about doing any double entry of data in a separate member directory or use a process to move the data to website.



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