Data Visualization for Church Portal

The West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church

Using advanced CRM/CMS integration along with business intelligence to create excitement and help churches grow.

The West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church (WOC) includes over 1200 congregations.  WOC has an active program to help their churches grow and engage more with their members and community. 
In the first phase of the project, BOT developed input screens, a data model, and several reports and graphs that made it easy for churches and the conference leadership to collect and understand the data.  WOC churches started by providing goals for attendance, baptisms, etc., and then providing data against their goals. 
In the second phase we worked with WOC leadership to identify key visualizations that would significantly increase the interest and excitement around this program.  We added several data visualizations through Google Charts.  Before these data visualizations were added, the interest in the data and follow up was not as WOC hoped. Once the data visualizations were added, the interest and excitement level on the part of church leaders and conference leaders increased significantly.  
The comparison charts, which compared churches in several ways, were modeled after the Gartner magic quadrant and quickly allowed conference leaders to identify churches that were leaders and utilize the more detailed data and interviews with these church leaders to help them identify key drivers.  The conference leadership is now working to develop programs to help churches influence these key drivers which will help them meet their growth and engagement goals.



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