Salesforce Best Practice Review Plans

Improve the health and configuration of your Salesforce environment.

Have you evaluated your environment and assessed its overall configuration health? BackOffice helps nonprofit organizations maintain and improve the health of their Salesforce system. Using Salesforce and 3rd party tools, BackOffice will login and evaluate your environment on a regular schedule.

...BackOffice improved the speed and efficiency of our Salesforce setup. Ongoing analysis and improvement of our configuration keeps our nonprofit running more smoothly.

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Salesforce Support Services

Technical Best Practice Review

Utilization Best Practice Review

Organization Best Practice Review

Check overall Salesforce configuration
Check for implementation best practices
Review urgent issues
Review pending critical updates
Review customizations and packages
Analyze NPSP Health check
Analyze Salesforce Optimizer
Critical update review
Analyze Lightning Readiness
Error log review
Analyze Apex test class coverage
Summary report delivered
1-hour Review Meeting
Recommended next steps
Analyze field population reports
Analyze utilization reports
Identify obsolete or unused fields
Review login session history for anomalies
Permission and profile report
Process builder / workflow report
Metadata export for pick lists and field configuration
Systems and integration inventory
Internal and constituent forms inventory
Inventory of major use cases
Inventory of reports
Contact for Pricing Review Contact for Pricing Review Contact for Pricing Review

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Salesforce - Level 1 Content

Level 1: Technical Best Practice Review

Using Saleforce and 3rd party tools we will login and evaluate your environment and assess overall configuration health. This will answer questions like:

  1. Has the system been professionally configured and conform to generally acceptable implementation best practices?
  2. Are there issues which need to be urgently addressed?
  3. Are there pending critical updates to be applied?
  4. How easily can the system migrate to the new Lightning platform
  5. Are customizations and packages outdated or potentially dangerous

Please contact us for additional information.

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Salesforce - Level 2 Content

Level 2 - Utilization Best Practice Review

Over time, organizations add many custom fields, layouts, views, reports, profiles, and more. This Best Practice Review will look for unused or legacy configuration that can be removed to simplify the system. We take a deeper dive from information found in the technical review and also look at data and meta-data usage. This will answer questions like:

  1. Are there unused custom fields, objects, layouts, reports, picklists that can be safely removed?
  2. What fields are not on layouts?
  3. Are there abandoned users, or profiles
  4. Do we see storage issues or extensive data duplication
  5. Are there extensive automations and can they be potentially simplified
  6. How much “bloat” do we observe in the system

Please contact us for additional information.

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Salesforce - Level 3 Content

Level 3 - Organization Best Practice Review

Salesforce- NPSP is a broad platform capable of supporting many parts of an organization from fundraising/advancement, program tracking, constituent management, membership, volunteers, events, online communication and much more. This best practice review will look at the current use of salesforce in your organization and how it could potentially be optimized as a central platform for your non-profit organization and constituents. We will explore organization readiness and help estimate budget requirements to take full advantage of the platform.

  1. This will answer questions like:
  2. Does my organization have the right skills to properly support my users and what assistance will I need from third parties Can I integrate my current systems (accounting, donation, events, email, website / portal, advocacy, volunteer, membership,etc.) or move to a new package?
  3. Could I enable features in my current system that would make our organization more productive?
  4. Are there ways to improve automation and collaboration?

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