Developing Strategies & Implementing Technology for Nonprofit Organizations

We create tight and lasting partnerships with our clients to transform their back office, website, fundraising, communications, finance, membership, and internal business processes. We understand the challenges you face! We will help you to more effectively utilize technology to better serve and engage your constituents.


We believe in working very closely with our clients on all aspects of development projects. We provide our clients with very frequent updates on our plans and solutions so that you can test our thoughts, code, and configurations along the way so that we can be assured of staying on track.  Some people call this “Agile” development, we just consider it smart and the only way we know to guarantee success.


Client Testimonials

"Back Office Thinking has been beautifully responsive to our needs. Their expertise with CiviCRM as well as with Drupal is just what we have needed..."

Susan Inglis - Executive Director, Sustainable Furnishings Council

Since 2010 our clients have…


collected over $130M in contributions


sent over 100M emails


registered over 140K event participants


transacted over 25K store purchases

Volunteer hours

tracked 10,000s of volunteer hours


gained over 500K Facebook likes


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