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CiviCRM and Duplicate Record Rules

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Understanding how the duplicate checking rules work in CiviCRM can sometimes be confusing.  It is very important that these rules be setup properly to avoid potential data issues.


United Methodist Communications


We have been partnering with UMCOM for years.  Initially we were asked to be on their inaugural National Web Ministry Advisory Board, then Paul became the lead web ministry trainer for churches accoss the US.  

Of course our largest project with UMCOM, a project that we are very proud to have played even a smaller part, is implementing the technology for the Imagine No Malaria global inititive.

Guest Speaker at Villanova University's Master of Science in Church Management Program

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Paul Keogan, Principal and Founder of BackOffice Thinking, was invited to present at Villanova University's Master of Science in Church Management Program.  He covered strategy and shared practical tools and tips.  You can download his presentation and check out his video here.

Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church


We have partnered with the Baltimore-Washington Conference on many projects over the years providing a variety of strategic and implementation services as well as support and training. One of our first projects was building their first Drupal-based website and helping them select a church management software. We have since helped them upgrade their website and assisted them with integrating it with other back end software to ensure single sign on capabilities.

Designing a Mobile-First Online Magazine:

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We partnered with And Sons Magazine to design and deploy a mobile-ready online monthly magazine.  We took a mobile-first and minimalist approach to this site as the target audience are millennials who by nature are tech savy and tend to visit the web through their mobile device.  In addition, the minimalist design approach allows users to focus on the high level photography that is an essential part of every issue’s content.  Read on to see some of the elements that make this an engaging, modern and functional user-centric website.

American Friends Service Committee


We have been providing CTO services for the American Friends Service Committee since 2010. We have lead several projects including:

  • An overall technology assessment
  • Creation of an intranet portal
  • Migration of their online CRM to Salsa

Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church


A Future with Hope came to us looking for a volunteer registration and management system to enable their Sandy relief efforts.  They were trying to use a recommended commercial system, but that system was not able to provide the services they needed.

We recommended a CiviCRM/Drupal solution to enable the multi-step volunteer process they needed.  We worked with their team to develop the business processes and then implemented the solution within a very tight time frame on a limited budget.

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals


Alliance engaged with us to update their CRM, eCommerce systems, and many of their websites. The process of migrating their CRM data was particularly challenging because of how the data was captured in their older system; we basically had to re-engineer their older system during the conversion.

Ransomed Heart Ministries


Ransomed Heart Ministries gave us the opportunity to become their part time CTO and technology implementation team. At the time we engaged, Ransomed Heart had a lot of technology challenges and it took us quite a while to right their ship, but now their technology is a real strength and growing stronger each month. Some examples of work we done includes:

Center for Mission Mobilization


CMM came to us because of our knowledge in CiviCRM and Vanco Services (Vanco is a payment processor utilized by many faith based organizations). We were also able to provide CMM with a strategy for configuring CiviCRM and Drupal to best display their giving/donation section taking into account their dozens of mission workers, their church based audience, and their back-end finance needs.


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