Examples of our work

Ransomed Heart Ministries gave us the opportunity to become their part time CTO and technology implementation team.  At the time we engaged, Ransomed Heart had a lot of technology challenges and it took us quite a while to right their ship, but now their technology is a real strength and growing stronger each month.  Some examples of work we done includes:

  • Cleaning up their Drupal and CiviCRM implementations
  • Creating a powerful event registration that can take reservations at a very high rate; Ransomed Heart's bootcamp events are wildly popular and once the events open people rush to register
  • Cleaning, scrubbing their data
  • Implementing  a powerful social media strategy.
  • Implementing a world class online bookstore with Magento
  • Implemented an Allies network, a network of like minded groups to engage with each other and like minded people 
  • Implementation of Jasper reporting for their adavnced reporting needs

We have been providing CTO services for the American Friends Service Committee since 2010. We have been lead several projects including:

  • An overall technology assessment
  • Creating an intranet portal
  • Migrating their online CRM to Salsa

We began work with ecoAmerica through our partnership with APGA to build the YOUtopia website.  We worked with EcoAmerica on the information architecture using a responsive Drupal 7 theme, with their designer Larry Gieger and then built the site.  

Two interesting features of the site are:  Find a Garden and the Commitment Feature

Homeless Voice (HV) came to us to help them with their WordPress/CiviCRM implementation.  We were able to move HV to a better hosting enviroment (CiviHosting -- a great/best hosting facility for smaller non profits) and help them to design and think through their donation, receipt and thankyou note strategy.

We would love to take credit for their phenomenal website design, but that was all done in-house by Homeless Voice.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) engaged with us because they were having significant issues with their CiviCRM and Drupal site.   They were looking for a partner with experience in CiviCRM and Drupal who also were creative and could work within their budget.    This seemed like a perfect match, especially because of our experience in environment and conservation space.

Quickly we were able to solve SFCs most pressing issues and then, with with executive director, developed a plan to significantly improve their technology offerings to better engage their members and promote their cause.  

We've been working through this plan at a steady and controlled pace to deliver the highest value within their budget.  Our partnership grows stronger each month!

Our work includes:

  • Finding Eco friendly companies using Drupal views and CiviCRM views integration.
  • Creating a rotating logo display using views slideshow, blocks, CiviCRM views integration with some custom PHP
  • Improving the bulk mail delivery