CiviCRM Tip: CiviCRM Features That Can Be Helpful During These Uncertain Times

It’s likely that your organization is wrestling with how to handle the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic.  You’ve probably canceled or postponed events or fundraisers, and you’re exploring alternate ways to keep your funding going and your constituents engaged.  You do have tools available to you with CiviCRM; here are some ways you might use them to accomplish these goals.

Host Webinars/Conference Calls

If you were planning to host an in-person training or event, consider moving it to the cloud and utilizing a service such as Zoom or GoToWebinar.  You can still process registrations through CiviCRM and then email the webinar access details (using the advanced search to find them and create a group for mailing) closer to the date.  (Is there a risk that your registrants might forward the webinar details to others? Of course, but it’s perhaps preferable to continue engaging with your constituents, even if there’s a small risk of others accessing the content.)

Create Special Contribution Pages

Your organization may be struggling with the potential financial implications of the pandemic.  You would not be alone in asking for additional help; I’ve seen many such requests in my own email and Facebook.  While this situation is indeed engaging some of the worst aspects of human nature, it’s also spotlighting the better angels of our nature - most notably, our capacity to contribute to the well-being of others.  Don’t be afraid to ask your constituents to help and to explain your need; you can easily create a CiviCRM contribution page for this purpose and link it on your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and anywhere else that seems appropriate.

Keep in Touch

You have a great tool in CiviMail for reaching your constituents easily and quickly.  Your messages don’t need to be fancy, just heartfelt and sincere. (If you want more complicated styling for your messaging, or want to use your Civi in tandem with MailChimp, we can certainly assist with that.)  Just put your desired audience into a group, and send them a bulk mailing with CiviMail.

Civi does also support bulk text messaging.  If that’s an avenue you’d like to explore, Twilio ( ) is the provider most easily integrated with CiviCRM; we can add the extension and configure it to use your account once you set it up.  Some of our clients have already started doing this to send messages about their response to the pandemic.

We here at BackOffice Thinking are here to help in any way we can, and to support you as you navigate these uncertainties.  Contact your support email if you have questions or want to learn more about any of the suggestions above.

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