CiviCRM Tip: Reports and Searches for Complex Registration Data

So you’ve successfully set up your event in CiviCRM, complete with a robust priceset and lots of add-ons, and you have constituents registering… all is well, except: how do you pull detailed data about your event to monitor your progress? 

The information available in the standard participant search and export often doesn’t include sufficient detail, especially if you have a priceset of several potential registration options.  However, there are a few ways that you can pull more complex data about your event, if you know where to look.

Participant Price Set Search

CiviCRM installs with several ‘custom’ searches (a bit of a misnomer, since everyone has them) and I always suggest to new Civi users that they should explore them.  (You can access them via Search > Custom Searches.)  One in particular is very useful in the scenario we’re discussing here; the “Price Set Details for Event Participants” search breaks down the registrations by price field, allowing you to see counts of who has registered for what.

You can export this and manipulate it as desired to track your counts.

Extended Report: Line Item Report for Participants

We’ve mentioned the Extended Reports extension in previous support tips; it’s definitely a useful feature to add to your report toolset.  Here we’re using one of the templates provided by the extension, the Line Item Report for Participants allows you to break out registration payments by price field and thus by financial type.  This is especially useful if you’re allowing your registrants to register, join, and/or donate all in one transaction.

Here, I’ve configured the report to show the detail of each registration purchase.  (This data is also available in the standard bookkeeping report, but that can be confusing for general use.) 

More Complex/Unique Reporting Options

Even with these additional tools, you may not be able to pull your registration data in a way that completely meets your needs.  As a reminder, we’ve created a wide range of event reports using Jasper Reports (see here for a refresher) over the years, and we can absolutely develop reports for you that give you a clearer picture of your registration.  Simply contact your support email to find out more!

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