Exploring CiviCRM Reporting Tools

As many of our CiviCRM clients are aware, the core reporting features in CiviCRM are limited in several areas.  A number of our clients have worked around this by utilizing Jasper Reports, an open source tool that allows for building complex and flexible reports using data read directly from CiviCRM.  (See our previous blog posts about Jasper here and here -- we’d love to talk to you about Jasper if you’re curious.)

There are also a few reporting extensions available for CiviCRM that add reporting template options, particularly for contribution reporting (which is definitely one of Civi’s weaker areas).  In particular, ReportPlus stands out from the rest of the crowd as an interesting option to explore.

One of the most frequent criticisms we’ve heard over the years about Civi’s core reports involves the lack of flexibility, both with the fields included and the ordering of fields in the generated output.  This extension attempts to resolve both issues, at least for a few report types.

Here is a screenshot from the template for a contribution detail report:

This template includes significantly more field options for inclusion in the report than its core counterpart, and it allows for drag-and-drop ordering of the fields so users can customize how the output appears -- both of which constitute welcome improvements on the existing functionality.

The member matrix template allows users to explore their members using pairs of data - for example, in this screenshot we’re viewing members by type and by state.  You could also, for example, view members by type grouped by the campaign through which they joined, to evaluate ROI of various campaigns over time.

In addition to the contribution detail and member matrix shown above, there are also template options for contact details, a contact birthday report, and several other member reports.  If you have been struggling with Civi’s core reports and have needs around contact, contribution, or membership reporting, this might be a useful addition to your toolkit. 

Interested?  Send an email to your support email address and we’d be happy to add the ReportPlus extension to your CiviCRM installation.

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