Five Misconceptions Dispelled about Giving Tuesday

Do you have a Giving Tuesday strategy?  If not, is it because of any or all of the misconceptions below?  

1.  Giving Tuesday will cannibalize your existing donations:  

Statistics gathered by Salsa Labs show that the 40% increase in the dollar value of the average donation and the 270% increase in the online donation volume on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving since 2011 did not take place at the expense of donations that your constituents were already planning on contributing.  This increase is all New contributions that organizations would not have gotten had they not participated in #GivingTuesday.

2.  It's all about donations: Giving Tuesday is a movement to foster the spirit of giving and this can take many forms (donations, time, effort, acts of kindness).  To quote GivingTuesday's video below:



3.  Giving Tuesday takes place on one day:  Even though Giving Tuesday was conceived to be the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, there's no reason why should you spend all this effort for one day.  Instead, consider integrating Giving Tuesday as part of your year-end fundraising strategy.

4.  You have to do it alone:  Join forces and partner with individuals, families, schools, cities, corporations and local businesses, or other nonprofits either in your community or nonprofits that share similar missions to yours.  Some ideas are:

  • Local restaurants can create an entree in honor of Giving Tuesday and give those proceeds towards the campaign.  
  • Nonprofits can partner with businesses to come up with a matching plan.  
  • Engage individuals to be your ambassadors 

5.  Need permission to join the Giving Tuesday movement:  Giving Tuesday is an open source movement, so you can just participate.  All the logos and banners in the Giving Tuesday website are available for anybody to use and modify.  

As Beth Kanter's video:  "Test Drive: Using #GivingTuesday to Experiment with New Fundraising Strategies" suggest, don't be afraid to be creative and take risks.  

Don't stand by the sidelines.  With less than 2 months to go, the time was yesterday to get involved!  If you have questions on how to get started, read my blog Step by Step Guide to Creating a #GivingTuesday Strategy. Would love to hear from you to see what worked and what needed tweaking.

Thanks for reading!

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