Gear Up for End-of-Year Giving!

This is the time of year when many organizations turn their focus to end-of-year giving campaigns.  Whether the target is Giving Tuesday or a more traditional year-end giving campaign, you can use CiviCRM to help you achieve your fundraising goals.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Create a Campaign-Specific Donation Form

In CiviCRM, you can tie contribution forms to specific campaigns.  Want to track your ROI for your end-of-year campaign?  Create a new campaign with a giving goal, connect the contribution page to it, then use the contribution search or one of the contribution reports to track giving for that campaign.

If you’re familiar with Civi webforms, you can also create one as a donation form and use a combination of simple questions and conditional logic to elicit information from your donors about their giving.  For example, you might ask questions about what prompted the donor to give, and use the answers to populate the campaign and/or custom appeal fields for the gift.

Use CiviRules to Control and Enhance Your Messaging

Some of our Civi clients are using CiviRules to replace the standard Civi receipting for online donations - this empowers them to create their own acknowledgment emails (using the standard Civi message templates) with more customizable branding and messaging.  You could use this approach to customize messaging for your Giving Tuesday or year-end campaign.

Additionally, you could also use CiviRules to add campaign donors to a special group for future messaging or engagement.  (Idea: offer a special contest or incentive to donors who give for your campaign, and pick the winners from the group.)

Track The Success of Your Fundraising Staff and Volunteers

Some of you may embark on a phone-call campaign this holiday season to raise money.  If your staff and volunteers are recording donations in CiviCRM as they work through their call lists, you (and they) can track their progress by logging their name in a custom field on the contribution, and then using a copy of the Civi contribution summary report to review individual and cumulative totals.

We’re happy to brainstorm other ideas for using CiviCRM as a tool for your fundraising efforts (at any time of year, not just this one!) - simply contact your support email and we’ll schedule a time to chat with you.  Happy holidays!

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