How to QA Your Site After a Module Upgrade

If you’re a part of our support program you receive emails from us somewhat regularly telling you that we’ve updated your website or Civi instance. What does this mean for you, and how can you add your layer of QA on to ensure everything is looking apples to apples.

Let’s split this into two buckets, the Front End, and the Back End.


The Front End

The front end of your site, is your site! What the public sees. In some cases after a module update or Civi update the developers have updated markup or other functionality of the module.

While we, at BackOffice do a thorough sweep of your site, it’s good to put familiar eyes on pages that you know are content heavy, or functionality heavy.

Pages that are functionality heavy could be search pages, pages with interactive features like forms, checkboxes or sliders.


The Back End

Similar to the front end, we want to make sure none of the updates have affected your ability to administer your website.

If you are on the “back end” of your website, go in and take a look at what you usually do to make sure everything works as expected. This could be, creating a new piece of content, filling out all of the fields, and saving to be sure everything checks out.

If you’re wondering why you have to do this, after we’ve already done it - you know you’re content better than we do, another set of eyes can only be a good thing!

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