Making It Easy to Add Jasper Reports Functionality

The availability of simple and affordable Jasper Server hosting via Bitnami's cloud hosting now makes it easier than ever to add Jasper reporting functionality to your toolbox.

Previously, adding Jasper to your site could prove costly and time-consuming, given Jasper's requirement of Tomcat and the complicated in's and out's of setting up Jasper Server for use.  However, Bitnami has greatly simplified the process, making it as close to one-click as possible. 

The very reasonable cost of Bitnami's Jasper hosting (around $50/month, depending of course on your specific needs) has also placed Jasper reporting in reach of many more organizations that previously might not have been able to afford it.  Once you have your server, BackOffice Thinking has developed a number of reports that can provide a solid starting point for organizations to better understand and engage their constituents, whether it be on the basis of donation levels, participation in events, or length of membership (just to name a few criteria you might use).  Contact us for more information!  (And watch this site for a video demonstrating some of our most popular reports, coming in early 2014!)

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