Online Contributions to Multiple Financial Types in CiviCRM

Recently we’ve received some questions about facilitating split donations (e.g., to multiple financial types), so we thought we’d share one approach for making this work.  Collecting the split donations is absolutely doable with out-of-the-box CiviCRM, but reporting out on those split gifts requires a CiviCRM extension called Extended Reports, which you likely will find useful for more than just this use case! 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Extended Reports (see here for details on how to install extensions if you’ve never before done so), follow these simple steps to try this approach out.

  • If the financial types you need aren’t already added in CiviCRM, add them first by going to Administer > CiviContribute > Financial Types.
  • Create a new price set for contributions - start by going to Contributions > New Price Set, click the button to create a new price set, give it a name and a default financial type (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to see the breakout of giving later), and create two fields, each with a different financial type, as shown here: for a general view, and for a view of one price field.
  • Create a sample donation page and use the price set you just created for the donation amounts.  Test it out with a donation that includes gifts in both fields.  Here is a screenshot of a thank-you page with multiple gifts:
  • If you view the contribution on the contact record, you’ll see both financial types referenced, but no detail:  Not to worry, however - Extended Reports are your friend in this instance!

Create a new report by going to Reports > Contribution Reports, then clicking the “New Report” button at the top of that page.  Select the template titled “Extended Report - Contributions with Price Set data.”  Here is how I configured the columns to be displayed: You can of course display others.  And here is the result: encourage you to experiment with this approach for your own needs.  Need more detailed reporting?  We can help you with that (using Jasper Reports, for example).  Want to bounce some ideas off us?  We can help you with that, too… just reach out to us via your support email.

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