Quick popup solution for your website

Need a quick popup solution for your Drupal or WordPress website? Try Poptin for creating popup announcements in a relatively short amount of time.

During a recent development project, we had a client that needed a user-friendly and cost-effective method for creating announcement popups.

There are plenty of Wordpress plugins and Drupal modules up to the challenge, but we also needed a solution that was easy for the user to assemble on their own.

We turned to a third party solution called “Poptin”. Creating a popup with Poptin is simple for most website users. Here are a few benefits we liked the most:

  • Expansive layout options
  • Many display rule options such as exit intent, time delay, and frequency
  • Simple website implementation via plugin or embed code

Here’s how you can create a Poptin popup announcement and install it on your website:

1. Create a free account at poptin.com

2. Click New Poptin and choose the Popup option

3. Choose a goal and template then name your poptin and enter your domain.

4. Build your popup: Update the announcement text, button text, and button link. Click the blue “Next” button when you’re finished.

5. Set Display Rule and Triggers: On the next screen you can set the display rules for your announcement. We want this announcement to display immediately so we’ve set the Time delay to 1 second and the display frequency to Every visit.

6. Preview your popup: You can see a quick preview by clicking the pencil icon than “Landing page link”. Copy the link then paste into a new browser window.

7. Embed your popup: To embed on your website, click the “Installation Code” button at the top of the page, copy the script, and paste in the <head> area on every page of your site. Done!

Poptin also provides a few plugin and module options for installing on your website. If you’re interested, contact us and we can assess your website and install Poptin that works best for you.

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