Resolve to Help Us Help You!

You probably came up with your New Year’s resolutions a few weeks ago, but it’s never too late to add to the list!  We always work hard to provide you with the best ad hoc and proactive support possible, but we can do an even better job when we have the best and most detailed information available to us when we tackle your problems.

When we onboarded you to support, we reviewed a number of these suggestions with you, but since it’s probably been a while since that discussion, we thought we’d revisit them this month so we can look forward to a great support year in 2020.

Submitting a Support Ticket

First and foremost: is your site completely down?  If so, then please contact your website host and copy us (using your support email).  Your hosting company often can address the issue more efficiently than we can, but notifying us is crucial, especially if there is a site-specific problem we can quickly resolve.  Sending to both may seem duplicative but it ensures that your site comes back up as swiftly as possible.

If something is broken, but your site is still accessible, please submit the issue to your support email.  Here are some things to include in your support ticket to help us help you as quickly as we can:

  • Detail, detail, detail.  Describe the issue as thoroughly as possible - on what page(s) does it happen, does it happen only for logged-in users, what information did you put into the form, etc.  We’d rather have too much detail than not enough!
  • Screenshots.  Showing us what you’re seeing can make a huge difference.  Note: Please be sure to capture the address bar (the URL of the page) in your screenshot so we can be sure where you were when the incident or error occurred.
  • Example pages or contacts where you’re seeing the issue.
  • A separate ticket for each issue.  Some clients keep a list of issues and submit them all at once - which is totally fine with us, but please be sure to submit each distinct issue as its own ticket so we can correctly track them from our side.

As for urgency, it also helps us to know when you need the issue resolved.  You might recall these guidelines from your onboarding:

  • We acknowledge receipt of your ticket within 8 business hours, if not sooner.
  • We work to complete your issue within 2 weeks, if not sooner.

We work hard to resolve your issue in the least amount of time possible, as many of you already know - but please don’t wait to submit your issue until the last minute.  If you’re working on a new page or form, for example, but haven’t allowed ample time for testing or corrections if something goes wrong, we may not be able to meet your deadline.  We totally understand that last-minute needs happen - and we do our utmost to support you in that circumstance, but we don’t always have a staffer available immediately with the specific skill set needed.  Planning ahead (and looping us in sooner rather than later) can be crucial to staying on course for your initiatives.

Talk to Us Regularly

Many of you have regular support calls with us, but if you do not, we encourage you to contact your support email and set them up.  The frequency is totally up to you - we schedule these weekly, monthly, and even quarterly, depending on the volume of work - but if we connect regularly, we can address potential problems before they become roadblocks, and we can also provide you with a sounding board for new projects and new ways of using your system.  Support isn’t just about fixing what’s broken… it’s also about helping you use what you have as effectively as possible.  

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