Salesforce’s Trailhead releases its first trail for nonprofits - Fundraise with NPSP

Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online tool for learning Salesforce, recently released “Fundraise with NPSP,” the first trail for the NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) and Salesforce.

I've reviewed each module, taken all of the quizzes, earned my six badges, and completed the trail.  Salesforce suggests you set aside about 9 hours to complete the trail; an experienced NPSP user should take much less time.

The trail highlights many of the new features released by Salesforce and NPSP over the past couple of years.  Many of these features will help you to use NPSP as the high-level fundraising tool you were expecting from Salesforce.  Often, these items are overlooked by implementers, but they are critical for front line fundraisers, major gift officers, or administrators looking to help their fundraising team be more effective.

This trail does not deal with complex use cases but is geared toward usability.  It does assume you have a basic understanding of Salesforce and it helps if you have some prior NPSP and nonprofit knowledge.  

Some key NPSP items included are:

  • An introduction to fundraising using NPSP - great for the beginner.
  • Donor management; working with opportunities, accounts, relationships.
  • Processing donations; creating, editing, posting and acknowledging donations.
  • New or improved advanced features like recurring donations, matching gifts and soft credits, and contact roles.
  • Moves management features like targeting, creating engagement plans, tasks, events, emails, visualizations, etc.
  • Fundraising reports and dashboards including sharing, subscribing, and scheduling.


Also included are recent features added to Salesforce that will make all users more productive.  A few are:

  • Paths (for opportunities)
  • KanBaans Views (more visual representation for your work)
  • Actions (easy ways to work with related items without needing to leave a page)
  • Layouts (improving how information is laid out for accounts, opportunities, etc.)
  • Chatter (improved collaboration)


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