Salesforce Tip: List views - Kanban and Split View

There are now two additional ways to interact with a list view in Salesforce. “Split view” is the newest addition, with a limited launch in 2017 and rolled out even further last year -- many users haven’t encountered it before. The other option, Kanban, has been around for a while, and you may already be using it. We’ll show you each of these and explain when you might want to try them out!

Let’s say that we want to send out birthday cards to some of our constituents that have birthdays this month. We go to the Contacts tab and select the right list view. Click the table icon between the gear and the refresh arrow and you will get three options -- choose “Split View.”

The screen will change to something like this, with the list of contacts on the left and the full detail of a record visible on the right. The advantage of Split View is that you can use your bigger monitor screen and work through a series of records without losing your place. This allows us to make that birthday card super special with all of the details that we have on Jane’s record.

The biggest downside to the Split View is that it requires a lot of space. However that can be solved by hiding the side panel, by clicking the thick white bar on the right side of the list view.

To change back to the table view, click the same button as before. Now the icon has changed to resemble what the page looks like in Split View. Instead of going back to table, let’s choose Kanban.

The first time you choose Kanban for a particular list view, the system will prompt you to set up the Kanban view. You can always revisit these later by clicking the gear icon on the list view and selecting “Kanban Settings.”

We are going to choose a custom field called Birthday Card Status.

Kanban view is a great way to get an overview of a set of records based on one picklist field. Let’s say that we have just written and signed our birthday card but we forgot to update the record. In the Kanban view we can simply drag Jane’s card over to the Signed column and update her record.

Kanban is only capable of sorting records by one field and cannot match the power of reports for displaying large numbers of records. However, for your day to day picklist updates Kanban view can be a huge time saver, especially to visual thinkers!

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