Summer '19 - What You Need to Know

With the Summer ‘19 release, Salesforce has some great new features and a couple of things you need to know.   
  • Salesforce continues the push to move everyone to Lightning.  The Lightning interface is now enabled on all instances.  This doesn’t mean it can’t be turned off - yet - but that day is coming.  The Lightning interface has so much more to offer and should enhance productivity.
  • Related Lists can now be filtered. This means that if you're on a contact record with many opportunities, you can filter the opportunities.  
  • Related Lists can now have up to 10 columns (it was 4).  It always seems I need an extra column or two on related lists, especially for organizations with cases or custom program objects (food cupboards, social welfare).  Instead of increasing the columns to 5 or 6 columns, Salesforce increased it to 10!  
  • Send Notifications using Process Builder.  This one is a bit more advanced, but it can be powerful.  To access this new feature, go to Setup and type in “notification” in the search field.  In the past, there were complex ways to send notifications, but now with it built into Process Builder, it's easy to use.  Most of the Salesforce examples show notifications for big sales wins, which of course has a direct correlation to a closing a big donation.  I think it’s also powerful in program work as well - celebrating when a service receipt reaches a milestone. 

  • Create and send Surveys for free.  Salesforce Surveys were released last year, but additional licenses were needed - not anymore.  Anyone can create and send unlimited surveys for free.  Most organizations do not have surveys enabled; to check, go to set up and type “survey” in the search field.   If you want to learn how to work with surveys go to (where else?) Trailhead.  Here’s the link.
For our Land Trust clients - I can see this being a great tool for engaging with land owners.  I’m curious if you agree and if you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts with me.  We may want to do a webinar session on Surveys.
Thanks for reading.  If you have any ideas for a monthly tip, please let me know
To see the official Salesforce release notes go here.

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