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Use Salesforce Favorites to Increase Productivity

Use Salesforce Favorites to Increase Productivity


With Salesforce's Spring 17 Release you can increase your productivity by personalizing your Lightning Experience navigation with favorites.  Favorites are similar to bookmarks in that they let you quickly access key data that is important to you.  For example, you can favorite things like list views, reports and dashboards, important records and any other frequently used areas. The items you favorite are available to you everytime you log into Salesfore.  In the example below, we are going to look at how we can add a favorite to quickly get to a list of all of our open tasks.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First we will find the Tasks Tab in Salesforce by clicking on the App Launcher.

  1. Search for the standard Salesforce Tasks tab and select it from the list (if you do not see the Task tab, you may need to ask your administrator to give you permission to view the tab).

  1. This will bring you to the Tasks Tab home page.  Click the Star to add this page as a favorite.

  1. To navigate back to the page at a later time, click on the drop-down to the left of the star and choose the item.


For more information on the favorites feature see:


Step by Step Video

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