What Can Jasper Do for You Today?

So you have loads of useful data in your Civi database... but the core Civi reports just aren't cutting it.  What to do? 

As discussed in a previous blog post, it's super easy to spin up a Jasper reporting server now that Bitnami has made the process so straightforward and quick.  But how can you use Jasper?  In the video below, we show you four samples of reports that our clients have requested, utilizing their Civi and Magento databases and pulling the data in new and interesting ways:

  • Daily reconciliation report - Need to see your Civi and store data in one report, to reconcile against your payment processor?  See a sample of a spreadsheet of daily transactions from both Civi and Magento, emailed to the client each morning.
  • Historical statistics - If you're storing historical statistics (e.g., attendance and pledges for a church), these can be pulled from your database and presented in graphical format.
  • Participant report by price set - Are you registering users for events with multiple sessions or workshops?  That information can be pulled for handy lists so you can see at a glance how many attendees you have signed up for each session.
  • Donated in period A but not period B - Want to track how engaged your contributors are and how regularly they donate?  Puzzled by fluctuations in your monthly contributions?  See a sample of a report that shows you who donated in one period of time but not another.

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