When to "Refresh" Your Website Design

Let’s not let this frighten you: a “redesign” can be scary, we’re talking about a “refresh” in this article. So what’s the difference?

A website redesign means it’s been at least a year, maybe two, and you are ready to really re-evaluate not just your current website design but also your organization and how your website fits into your overall goals and direction.

A refresh, on the other hand, can be an answer or a solution to a variety of different questions - for example, if you’re getting emails from Google saying your website isn’t mobile friendly, consider a refresh.

So what other signs are there that I should consider a website “refresh”? Keep reading, here are a few!

  • Your site is difficult to navigate

    Hopefully you have some way of collecting feedback or have an idea of how your visitors feel when they try to navigate your website. If it’s difficult, you’re probably losing traffic and that’s not a good thing. Website navigation is a tricky, yet super important part of user experience - remember, the more visitors to your site, the better your sales or marketing funnel will be.

  • It is not SEO friendly

    This refresh refers both to content and structure. The algorithms behind search engines are always changing so you must be diligent in keeping up with what keeps you in the rankings.

  • You’ve stopped getting new members or donors

    Take a look at your analytics or CRM and take note of whether or not you’re meeting goals on your website. If your traffic has slipped or online donations have decreased, it might be time to evaluate your content, design, etc.

  • You’re just not sure, but maybe some “sprucing” up might help

    Absolutely! If you think you need to do something, you can be as simple as updating your typeface, some of the images on your pages, or changing the color scheme. While they may seem like small updates, they can have a big impact.

  • Conduct a site audit

    It can’t hurt. Run an audit on your website - find broken links, URLs, ineffective meta tags… whatever the chosen site audit tool tells you will help you improve your website.

Hopefully you see that there can be a range of reasons to refresh your website, and I could go on and on with potential bullet points to point you in a direction to consider your refresh. Just like any project, for a refresh you can do a little or you can do a lot. Let’s say you’ve taken a good look at all these points and think … wow I really need to do all of this, in that case, you’re creeping into website redesign territory - my advice, always be involved and in tune with your website analytics, feedback and the ever evolving changes that Google throws into the universe for search engine optimization.

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