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Security is a high priority concern at BackOffice Thinking, so we work hard to respond and stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities in your site.  We follow best practices to minimize the probability of potential threats to your site.

...make sure your technology is secure and up-to-date.

Level I:  Security and Functionality

This service focuses on proactively applying security updates/patches as well as making sure your technology stays updated to ensure your data is safe and there are no service or functionality disruptions.  

Level II:  Server Monitoring  (Includes Level I checks)

The goal of this monitoring service is to ensure that your server performs at optimal levels.  This monitoring service is specially designed for those clients that have a server with:

Performance Issues

BackOffice monitors and mitigates a variety of performance issues

Traffic Spikes

Plan ahead for peak traffic seasons or actively adjust unplanned traffic spikes


Custom Code

Custom code requires years of experience to monitor and troubleshoot effectively with precision and care

Security Concerns

Sites that handle sensitive information such as member portals, ecommerce platforms, and other private information


Multiple Websites

Servers with multiple website instances, sub domains, or hosting applications


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1. Performance & Tuning

In the world of donors and conversion optimization, a quick and high performing website can make or break a well-planned marketing or donor funnel campaign. Let our team keep your website performance at top of mind.

Performance must grow with your website.

As your organization and website grows, the demand for better website performance can increase drastically. Have you noticed your admin area or front-end website loading slower as time goes on? Chances are, your website performance needs to be thoroughly audited by our development team. Our development team has painstakingly hand-crafted an exhaustive performance support plan add-on to maximize your performance potential.

Is your website performance reaching its potential?

Periodic Performance Audits

BackOffice checks your site 3 or 4 times per year for performance opportunities.

Caching Optimization

As your website and database grows, the need for efficient caching and an optimized database is absolutely critical.


Errors, Modules, and Backups

When technology changes, errors can unexpectedly creep into your workflow. We check for errors and unused or inefficient modules.

Spam Prevention and Firewall

If spam prevention is a concern or has been an issue in the past, let us review and provide solutions to lock down unwanted visitors.

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2. SEO Audit Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit Service as it relates to your website ensures that your platform is set up properly for you to carry out search engine optimization best practices. It is highly critical for search engines like Google, to be able to properly “read” and understand your website. The health and quality of your website ultimately translates into better opportunities for your website to rank appropriately within search engine results pages (SERPs). 

(This audit services does not include SEO services such as keyword research, onsite optimization, link building, or site modifications.)

Is your website up-to-date with SEO best-practices?

Periodic SEO Reviews

BackOffice checks your site quarterly for technical SEO issues and proper setup

Search Results Health

Ensure your Google index status does not contain unexpected errors that may be hurting your search rankings


Website Technical Visibility

The structure of your site should accurately communicate to search engines what to index and how


BackOffice checks your site for common SEO problems that stem from code errors and issues such as page speed

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