CiviCRM: Percentage Price Set Field, Extended Reports and Civisualize

Several months ago, we highlighted several CiviCRM extensions that we thought might be useful to our clients; this month, we’re pleased to share a few more with you.  Interested in any or all of these extensions?  Simply email your support email and we’ll be glad to enable them on your dev site.
Percentage Price Set Field
Recently a client asked us about including a calculated field that would offer constituents the option to defray credit card fees for their donation.  Thankfully, an extension already existed for this purpose - Percentage Price Set Field allows you to add a checkbox field to a contribution price set that does the calculation for you.
Because you can set each price set field to a different financial type, it’s possible to separate the actual donation from the fee amount if you wish.  Which brings us to our next extension…
Extended Reports
Many of you have told us over the years that CiviCRM’s basic reports are rather limited.  We’ve enabled the Extended Reports extension for several of you recently; this gives you several additional report options, primarily around contributions and event registrations using price sets (which were previously the black hole of Civi reporting).  Following on the above example, we can see the donation and fee payment broken out in one of the Extended Report templates:
Other templates provided in the extension include pivot chart reports, extended contact and membership reports, and a campaign progress report.
Civisualize Revisited
Back in May, we introduced you to Civisualize.  Recently we’ve been digging into its capabilities more deeply, and we believe that with some development time, we can utilize it to provide some welcome visualizations of your constituents and their engagement.  
As we previously told you, a few visualizations come with the base install of the extension.  Some other uses we’re exploring are:
A heatmap of your donors
A clickable pin map of your members (suitable for smaller sets of data that you wish to map)
A nearly endless variety of charts and graphics is possible and can be made available for your dashboard or some other highly visible place in Civi.
Let us know if anything here piques your interest!

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