Great Extensions for Your CiviCRM Continued: Summary Fields

Over the last few months, we’ve written about some useful extensions and functions that can really leverage the usefulness of your CiviCRM.  One of my personal favorites is the Summary Fields extension, which captures aggregated details about contributions, memberships, and events, and provides you with the ability to search and report on information collected in these fields.


Once the Summary Fields extension is installed, you can use the configuration page to select which fields you want to use.



The extension allows you to display information about:

  • Contributions (lifetime, current and previous two fiscal years, most recent gift and amount, first gift and amount, and soft credits); you can specify which financial types to include.
  • Memberships (date and amount of last membership payment); you can specify which membership types to include.
  • Events (name and date of last event attended, number of events attended, number of events attended as percentage of total events); you can specify which event types to include.


Once installed and populated, the fields are displayed in a tab on the contact record.



In addition to giving you a quick overview of a constituent’s giving and event history, all the fields selected for the summary fields tab are also searchable - which means you can search for contacts whose giving totals are in a particular range, create smart groups based on those searches, and use those fields in Civi reports.


Interested?  Contact us via your support email and we’d be happy to add the extension to your dev site so you can take it for a spin.

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